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JIBLAND – новая конвенция в Риме! Версия для печати

. Содержание .

Twin sister of JIBCON that you'll definitely love!

Daniela Chiusa, the unchallenged inspirer and organizer of «Jus In Bello», the famous Supernatural convention, is now happy to proudly present you her new project. The new convention is called «JIBLAND» and will take place in Rome next May, right after «JIB7». ‪‎Accordind to Daniela, «JIBLAND» is «JIB7» twin sister, as all twins they are very similar but different as well.

From the official site of the convention

Hello JIB Family!

Are you ready for more?

Because we have some very exciting news for all of you!

We`ve been working crazily these past months to give this to you and finally we are proud to introduce JIBLAND!

JIBLAND will come to life 24th-26th May 2016 at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel!

There will be some of our favorite guests and some very new ones to create a different mix that we believe is going to be as wonderful as the traditional JIBCON.

JIBCON always seems to end too soon, leaving all of us wanting more: more fun, more friends, more guests, more time...

JIBLAND is our solution to have all of that!

If you decide to stay with us longer than the usual weekend we can double everything and make it even better.

Also at one point or another we`ve all felt like we don`t have enough room to properly welcome new members into our family. And we know this past June many of you were disappointed at being left out. It`s impossible for us to fit everyone into the JIBCON7 weekend but this we can do.

JIBLAND is for you.

It`s our way to offer a new chance to all of you who couldn`t get a pass to attend JIBCON 7 to spend time with some of your favorite guests.

We truly hope this new adventure is going to have your support and your love as much as JIBCON has.

Please welcome with us JIBLAND first few guests!

  • Jared Padalecki
  • Misha Collins
  • Jason Manns
  • Sam Heughan
  • Graham McTavish
  • Reeve Carney
  • Sasha Roiz

We surely hope you are as excited about them as we are and that you`ll help us to make them feel at home next May at JIBLAND!

At JIBCON we`ve always loved the supernatural, and now we want to extend this appreciation to more legends coming from both Old Europe and New World. And what could be better than meeting guests who give life to heroes coming straight from our childhood scariest and most enchanting stories?

We asked Daniela to say a few words about this upcoming new event and give us some details about the convention program.

Q: Why is this new child of yours is multifandom, instead of covering just one new fandom?

A: In our mind JIBLAND is part new and part tradition. We`ve been toying with the idea of doing something else for a few years, but it was never the right time, the right guests, the right fandom, so we kept thinking and working on possibilities. At the same time though what we love about creating conventions comes from JIBCON and the amazing people that have shared this dream and adventure with us for years. Whatever new project we have been thinking of aims to create the same atmosphere as we have at JIBCON and hopefully to get the approval and support of at least a good part of the people from all over the world we love to meet each May.

We want to bring new people to the family and have them experience what we love to do, but we absolutely hope to keep our family members as well. Whatever good has come from JIBCON comes from all the people who have been part of it through years, be them guests, participants or staff so we want to try and double this with the new project.

These are the thoughts that in the end lead us to do a mixed event, we couldn`t think of another event without some of our usual guests and participants, it would be like planning a birthday party leaving out trusted and beloved friends, it simply wouldn`t do.

At the same time, replicating an experience unique as JIBCON isn`t something we`ll ever do. We`re not keen in copying, not even if it means copying ourselves. The new event shaping up from these ideas is JIBLAND with a part of what we know and love and a part that`s a new journey to hopefully find more people to grow attached to, and to discover new things to


Q: How do you see it in perspective, for example, in 3 or 5 years?

A: Honestly, at the moment we have no idea where this new project will take us in the future, we`re just concentrating and working on making this one JIBLAND good. We have no idea if there will be a JIBLAND2 or not because getting good guests from different fandoms is not only extremely difficult and tricky, but it`s kind of risky as well. JIBLAND is a leap of faith into the dark, one we hope that people who know how we work and trust what we do are willing to take with us.

After closing ceremonies we will sit, breath and see if it was worth taking. But hey we started JIBCON thinking it was going to be a 1 time thing and here we are with 7th edition so everything is possible if you guys stick with us!

Q: Is there some special guest who you would be happy to have at JIBLAND?

A: Oh yes! There are quite a few, more guests than could ever fit in 1 event actually. Some we are working on, some we will work on in the next months and some unfortunately we already know that won`t be able to make it to JIBLAND because they have working commitments or previous commitments for next May.

So about your previous questions on JIBLAND future, well we are the persistent kind so if things goes well it`s not thought of hard work that will keep us from trying again until we create what we imagine.

Q: Could you maybe say a few words about convention program? Will there be some special activities just like Roman Holiday at JIBCON, besides the regular, such as photo and autograph sessions, meet&greets and panels?

A: This again will be very similar yet different from JIBCON.

For example on Monday 23rd people who have not been to JIBCON7 will be able to register and the main activities will be the showing of some special videos that will be a good surprise hopefully. Also in the afternoon there will be the usual Monday concert held outside convention premises. Both JIBCON7 and JIBLAND participants will be able to come to that should they wish too. Basically this is the 1st special activity of JIBLAND while being the last one of JIBCON7.

On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be usual activities both regular and special like it happens on Saturday and Sunday for JIBCON.

And finally on Thursday there will be the last special activity for JIBLAND, the tour with guests that will be called Roman Holiday – Goodbye Roma. So yes JIBLAND will have its special tour with guests as much as JIBCON.

Bookings for JIBLAND starting on 14.11.2015.

Most news about JIBLAND can be found on the website jusinbello.it

For any questions people can always contact us to  staff@jusinbello.it

And if you want to discuss something related to JIBLAND you can join the convention group on Facebook: www.facebook.com

Picture by Natira's Art

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