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China Grove

Оригинальный текст песни
When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town
Down around San Antone
And the folks are risin` for another day
`round about their homes.
The people of the town are strange
And they`re proud of where they came.

Well, you`re talkin` `bout China Grove, wo, oh,
oh, Oh, China Grove. Well, the preacher and the teacher, Lord, they`re a caution, they are the talk of the
town. When the gossip gets to flyin` and they ain`t
lyin`; When the sun goes fallin` down. They say that the father`s insane And dear Missus Perkin`s a game. We`re talkin` `bout the China Grove, wo, oh, oh, Oh, China Grove. But ev`ryday there`s a new thing comin`, The ways of an oriental view. The sheriff and his buddies With their samurai swords, You can even hear the music at night. And though it`s part of the Lone Star State People don`t seem to care, They just keep on lookin` to the East. Talkin` `bout the China Grove, oh, China Grove