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Higher Mathematics

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Su Su Su!

Half way from the city, 
To see my half time girl, 
Before the traffic comes, 
She always gets annoyed, 
She knocks out all the boys,
They play their stupid games, 
But i'm still standing straight. 

We got relationship, 
But we're not hip to hip,
Or maybe side to side,
Just how i feel inside, 
But then we're toe to toe, 
And then the lights will blow, 
Ahe kisses me good night,
I take up half the bed.


Merry go round, rouund, go round, rouund, round
over town, she gotta go so slow it might be stereo, so i
almost turned her down, She's got the merry go round, rouund, merry go roooundd, She gotta go so slow it might be stereo so i
almost turned her down. Su Su Su! Cameras, Make up, Your glamorous, And then she makes a pose, like Marilyn Monroes, She's got a lot of clothes, she comes to all the shows, so she can see my friends, and hang out with your band. CHORUS I wanna go with you all over town, I wanna ride in your (chariot camero?) I wanna say, all the things i could say, I wanna tell you, I love you tomorrow. CHORUS Su Su Su!