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Играет в эпизодах: 1.14. Кошмар
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Cruisin on the grey snakes till my dyin day
Checkin all the hen houses out along the way
Wastin time and drikin wine
Life is short and I ain't lyin
Livin all I Can thru every day

You can call me Lucifer
If you think you should
Now I know I'm good

Everynight I'm barrelhousin till the moon is low
Shoutin blues and payin dues & throwin way my
dough Ramblin, Gamblin, Lovin, Shovin probably won't end
up with nothin But at least I'll reap the seeds I sow [Chorus] Funky water farmers daughter gonna make the law Lucy Blue Chicago Green I'll love em till they
thaw Courtin all the lovely foxes, brunette, redheads,
goldi locks Talkin time to grind my crosscut saw [Chorus]